Thursday, 15 October 2009

A8:Not a Good Start!!

This is the 3rd week now of the SMLP and I am finding it difficult. Not the assignment it’s sticking to the things that I have said I am going to do on my learning plan. However I feel that I didn’t think of the assignment properly before I stated the things that I was going to do. For example on my creative brief I put that my website was going to allows stuff like uploads when it is only me who is going to be putting photos and so in turn I have chosen not the have that.

Also I haven’t been keeping up with my blogs. Next time that I do this I will make sure that I have really think about the assignment before I stat what I am going to do this will make the task easier and less stressful.

However my progress so far has been good. I got my drawings out of the way which was a good start, which allowed me to create a website faster and then chose which JavaScript I was going to use and which PHP form I was going to use.

I feel that this project has been quite a struggle for me so far with having to learn everything myself however feel more than capable to this again in the future.

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