Friday, 23 October 2009

A8:iME Result

A8 Website

1 & 2 Investigate and Learn PHP and MYSQL
I have meet this target by reading though books and using website to learn more about PHP and MYSQL

How I have shown this

With the assignment there is a essay called “What is PHP and MYSQL?” this is the fill full the first learning outcomes. The meet the 2nd outcome I have written a tutorial list with links on the PDF to the websites I have used.

3 Create a website using PHP and MYSQL

How I have shown this
I have done this by creating a fully functioning website with PHP and MYSQL. There is a link at the top of the page to view my website.

4 Evaluate
How I have shown this
I have written a 500 word essay to evaluate my work as well as writing a blog to evaluate my work so far. I only wrote one blog instead of two but have justified in my evaluation why this happened.

After looking though the other criteria for the A8 assignment I have decided that my grade is a Pass

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