Sunday, 11 October 2009

Job in Web Design

The Job Advert

We are currently looking for an enthusiastic Web Designer for a client side opportunity, based in Leeds. As a designer within this ever expanding organisation, you will be responsible for maintaining and updating the group's current Websites, in accordance with W3 standards. This unique full cycle role, will see the successful Web designer planning, designing and developing new online projects and identifying and resolving any issues relating to their online marketing. As you will also be required to interpret and develop design briefs passed on to you from the Marketing Department, and explain technical issues to non-technical colleagues, strong verbal and written communication skills are a must.

To be considered for this fantastic Web design role, you must:
be a competent Mac AND PC user
have a demonstrable track record in CSS, XHTML, HTML and JavaScript
have strong skills in Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash
have a broad understanding of online marketing, such as SEO, PPC etc
be able to communicate effectively to both technical and non-technical colleagues

Any knowledge of Fireworks and Quark is desirable, although not strictly necessary.

Should you wish to be considered for this excellent design role, please forward your Resume to me today at (see below), along with examples of your work, for the chance of an immediate interview.

Circle Recruitment is acting as an Employment Agency in relation to this vacancy.
Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Start Date:
17000 - 19000 GBP Dependent on experience
Lucie Alker
Please send Resumes (CV's) as WORD (any version) attachments.
Open To:
Applicants must be eligible to work in the specified location
Posted Date:

My Response

I have been looking for a job on the Internet to do with web design and stumbled across this one. I have chosen this one because it is for a web designer not a developer as I think that I am stronger in the design part of making a website instead of being a specialist on the code side using scripts like PHP and things like that.

So in turn I chose to go for this one as you need a good understanding of CSS, HTML, XHTML and JavaScript these are skills that I feel that I have developed quite fast and could be up to scratch with the industry standards when it comes to leaving the course. Also you need good skills in Dreamweaver, which I have been working with quite a lot and feel that I now know the interface and am getting to terms with the coding on that, but don’t feel like an expert yet but could be in a short space of time. However it wants a strong skill in flash, which I have never done but feel that after taking on a 6-month flash course this will bring me up to par with the rest of my skills.

There is a requirement to communicate with clients who understand web design and those that don’t, I feel that I can do this to a good standard as when it comes to explaining certain things to people for example what the differences between vector and bitmaps or HTML and CSS are. I find this easy to do, so when it comes to talking to people who do understand what I’m talking about its simple. I also have a very basic knowledge of fireworks and with this not been necessary it gives me a chance to get to the stage where I have an understanding of it at an intermediate level.

To confirm the area that I would need to improve would be in JavaScript, which can be done through tutorials, Flash which I have already been thinking about taking a short course to learn this, as it will be a vital skill for me in the future. Also I would have to learn more about SEO and PPC as I don’t know a lot about either of them this would have to be a steep learning curve for me but feel that it is not something that is beyond my ability it would just be a task it get myself to the skill set.

It also states that I would need to get my website to the standards of the w3c this is something that I feel comes with the job of making any website, from the start of making website they have all been validated by w3 standards. In conclusion I feel that by the time the course is up I can be ready to get into the industry all I would like to do before that comes is take a course in Flash and then apply for jobs similar to this one.

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