Thursday, 3 September 2009


After doing research into some scripting languages I have opted to go for PHP as my choice for the SMLP assignment. I will learn this by looking at tutorials about the language.

I have chosen this language because I feel that by using PHP it will give me a bigger credit in knowing more than 2 languages i.e. XHTML and CSS this will give me more skills to take to the industry when the time comes to leave the course.

Also another advantage for using PHP is that it is easier to update and maintain. I will also be using MYSQL to make a content management system that will enable me to make databases and more professional complex websites.

With the future in mind also learning PHP will give me the ability to be looked at as a real web designer instead of just a student leaving a HND course with just knowing the basics of XHTML and CSS. With there not been as many jobs around employers are looking for someone who can basically do everything instead of having a number of people doing a job that one person can do if they had the skills. My job is the have them skills so I can be the person who can make a website from start to finish including the design to a high standard.

Also it will allow me to make feedback forms, sign up forms so that my website can have members to it this is key skills that basically every website has. This will make me more appealing to a wider audience like small business, commercial business, respected companies as I will have the skills that they need to just employ me to do a website instead of more than one person like I said earlier.

Just the clarify I am going to be learning PHP and MYSQL for my SMLP assignment.

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