Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The Start of a New…

With the first Semester finishing I cant help think how much I have learnt though the past few months, from just general knowledge about the components that are needed in a computer to how to design type trumps cards and follow a working brief.

However with this semester out of the way, I’m glad that we have completed the academic work first because I now know that we it comes to starting the second semester it will mainly be drawings and design work on the computer.

In this new semester I think that parts that are going to be emphasised will be the presentation as I feel that it is an important to know how to give an presentation at a high standard because we it comes to meeting a client if we cant get our ideas out so the clients understand we might as well just give up know. I think that in terms of giving a presentation I feel that I am fairly confident we standing up and talking, however the parts that I need to improve on will be the writing enough notes so I don’t lose what I need to.

The new semester should be better than the last as know that everybody knows everybody. So it will be more relaxed than it was in the first few weeks of class. This is something that just happens in time and I feel that our class has gelled quite weekly; I think this was the team building activity that we need that brought us further together.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Back to Work

I’ve just come back from the Christmas holidays and getting back into the swing of things has been a challenge. It’s the second day back and the assignments are coming to an end. This is making me feel relieved and with the new assignment just round the corner I feel ready to take up the challenge.

In regards to the A4 Typography assignment this has been the best task that I have done so far as it taught me to get my idea on the page before rushing straight into it, which I normal don’t do. We have just finished the last mini task and I’m feeling pretty confident about it. However if I was to do this again I spend more time doing the thumbnails and getting them done faster to let my brain work faster and think of things that don’t necessarily come to me straight away.The Task that i thought was the best was the type trumps as i feel that I got stuck into it even though, this is mainly because i had to motorvate myself as it was the first task we did at home.

Also as the A4 assignment is finishing so is A3, this has been a different assignment to say the least as sometimes to been good but then sometimes it just not made me want to work as there is quite a few parts of the assignment that made me have to do research which where in my eyes not as important for the assignment. This assignment was the first time that I had to respond to a brief and I feel that I did a good job as I had to create all the copy, get the images copyrighted and create the web plan.

All in all I feel that the course is going well and hope that I continue to enjoy it.