Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Feedback from Referral

About two weeks ago we received our grades of the first assignment, which I finally found out that I had referred, which to be honest it wasn’t what I expected but it turned out that it wasn’t that bad as the majority of the class also referred.

To begin with I felt like I could have done better but it was only little things that I referred on but on the other hand it could have been worst as I could have had to change a whole section.

I found the feedback that I had received from Steve pretty helpful as he explained what I had done wrong like referencing and a few spelling mistakes. When talking to Steve I realized that I had referred but part of it was because he wanted the class to have a perfect assignment to look back on so we can see how it should be done.

As that assignment ended we received two more assignments to run along side each other; this is pretty daunting as I don’t want to favor one and let the other one slide.

When we were introduced to the assignment I felt confused as I didn’t understand what we were been asked to do but as we are progressing through the assignment they seem pretty straight forward.

The project that I am looking forward to starting is typecast as I am excited in finding out what we are expected to do in regards to the briefs as it will be the first time that we have done any design work.

In this assignment I intend to check what the criteria is before I hand it so I know that it’s been done the work to the standard that is needed.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The Talk: By a Professional

On Monday we where visited by Dave Pannell and Craig Burgess from The Design Mechanics. They gave us a presentation on how the company works and what Dave expects of new workers entering his company.

I found it an interesting talk in regards to the time taken to design a logo which was sometimes as short as 1 hour. This is good way to work as it gets the logo out in a good time, but still maintains the same quality as it would if he took 2 weeks to do it.

As well it was great to see an employer that was keen to take student straight from the imedia course. However was shocked when he said that students from university where not the people that he wanted in his business, because of the fact that he didn’t think that they knew enough about the varied time scale that comes with working for a company. In turn this ends up costing him too much money to get them to that stage.

Also I think that his company is sort of like a supermarket in terms of you go in get your goods i.e. logo, business cards, leaflets etc. Paying a set price shown in the price list which I thought was different as I didn’t think you can know what to charge before you know what the work is.

It was a good opportunity to get told by someone with experience in the industry about how creating your own business isn’t all it cracked up to be, it’s a long process full of mistakes, almost like a rollercoaster ride.

I found it an informative presentation, and appreciated the talk by a professional.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The Font: FF Meta

1Erik Spiekerman designed FF Meta in 1984 for the German Federal Post. Designed to be readable and sturdy, the font has also been used on post boxes and Deutshe Bundespost vehicle.

This font has been used in a range of different places from Connex (Stockholm Metro) to becoming the official typeface for Imperial College London and all publications for the UK’s Environment Agency

The font was used so when writing on bad paper in small text size the font would still be readable.

2It was named after Meta studios where the typeface then became exclusive to that company. It is a popular font especially in the USA where ID magazine used the font from when the company was established. FF Meta has also been hailed to be the ‘typeface for the nineties’.

Below is an example of what the font looks like as you can see it’s pretty simple and easy to read. In my opinion I think that it is just an easy font to use, not too fancy or flash design, just nice and simple and easy to use. This is one of those fonts that you use as an everyday font, or on websites that require a lot of writing so that people don’t seem to get stressed because it isn’t readable but will enjoy reading it.


4This billboard uses FF Meta on it as you can see it is clear as the eye can see. With Meta they have gone into a lot of detail on the each letter so that no matter what size the font is it wont be made blurry or unreadable. FF Meta is a universal text. FF Meta has also has been used on: Pickle Jars, Cars, Bags, Trucks and Beers in range of different places and can also be used in bold, italic, caps and lower case.


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