Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The Deadline

The first assignment is over. The relief has set in.

In general the assignment wasn’t too challenging but it had a lot of research which helped me with my general understanding of computers, especially in the computing language section.

In regards to submitting the project, it was an easy process but I did keep thinking ‘Have I done the cd right?'. By using
Das Forum the relevant information was available so it wasn’t a big deal in the end.

Tweaking the assignement started to become a problem for me because I found myself changing parts that were right. So in the end I had to say enough is a enough, its done and had to leave it alone, before I changed too much.

The course in it self is getting better with no-one being stressed, as the assignment is handed in, so it is all about waiting for the results now.

Timekeeping is a problem for me in terms of getting distracted but I feel that I’m beginning to become more aware and
self disciplined by trying not to go out when there’s work to be done. A time sheet, in my opinion, would be a good thing to have as it will help me structure my time.

The biggest challenge for me will be juggling the new assignments and not just favouring one of the projects as the other project is going to suffer. So I feel it’s essential to do this time sheet as soon as possible.

On the whole I am looking forward to the challenge of the new assignments and looking forward to starting the creative work.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The Wheels are in Motion

Having just finished week 4 of the course things are getting easier in the group and beginning to grips with A2. It's has been a steep learning curve for me been half way though the first assignment; kind of an overload of information.

I'm finding the assignment boring at times simple because there is pages and pages of research that has to be covered.

Earlier this week there was a feedback session around Blogger that I found helpful, however mine wasn’t selected but the feedback given helped me figure out what i had done right and in turn the things done wrong.

In the first week we did a series of team building exercising one was the egg drop that went very well even though we was doubted, I feel that this was good at bringing the group together due to the competing and the creative work involved.

A personal task for me is timekeeping which I think I’m getting better at I’ve had one experience of been late which disappointed me, but feel that a bit of self motivation is needed to sort that out.

The past couple of days have been a little weird for me as I’m receiving extra support for my dyslexia, it’s been different shall I say as my past experience of support have been rubbish to say the least.

However I’ve been given the inlays which I didn’t think would help with reading but surprisingly they make a difference. I have also arranged my meeting for 1:1 tutor groups.

So the wheels are in motion.