Monday, 2 February 2009

All Up For Grabs

All the assignments are up for grabs now so there are no mysteries on what we will be doing after these two assignments have been handed in.

The hand in date for my A3 referral assignment was today but due to my stupid mistake I forgot to bring it to college. This is an obvious lack of organisational skills and I need to address this issue straight away to make sure that I don’t let it happen again. However Steve allowed me to hand it in.

Jonny Haynes also came in to give us a presentation. I found this presentation different to the Dave Pannell one for the fact that the company that Jonny works for is a lot bigger than Dave’s. This was interesting because Jonny’s work has different areas of specialism, I always thought that everyone had a range of skills so they could each make a website instead of having to specialise in one thing. This made me think what section I would specialise in if I was to go into design.

The new assignments that we have just got are A5: Builder and A6: The Big Picture, these assignments are by far the best assignments that I have done. It is now beginning to feel like everything is getting better in terms of practical work, for example we are learning Dreamweaver 8, XHTML and CSS; these are some key factors of web design in my eyes and couldn’t wait to start it. I also felt that the lecture on bitmap images and vector graphics was the most influential presentation that we have done, as when people mentioned the word vector I was confused by the terminology but I now feel that I can add to the conversation instead of sitting back hoping for an explanation.